EXCLUSIVE ALBUM PREMIERE: Death Wishlist Streams Their Debut Album – “You Are Next”

Do you ever listen to modern music and think to yourself “What happened?” and “Where is the danger?” Well, Rock’s newest heroes are here to kick your teeth in with the fury that they had in `76! Tuscany, Italy’s Death Wishlist is a throwback to a simpler time of true Punk Rock spirit and raw unapologetic vibes! Their debut album “You Are Next” is out this week, April 19th, 2024, via the Area Pirata label, but you can stream it here at Ghost Cult now!

The band commented:

“What’s for us Death Wishlist, this first album ? The start of a new story, both as a band as on a personal state. This album gives a portrait of what we are and feel today. We wrote songs with the intention to play a live-set that could entertain those who love high energy Rock, scream out some chorus and enjoy a few drink. “You Are Next” is a work that made us proud as composers and musicians.

Each member of the band was playing in 2023 but not in a band with self-written songs, after deciding to form Death Wishlist, we started to drop ideas since the very first rehearsal and soon, within few month we had enough music for a whole album. It has been natural to record this 10 songs, to have them on CD as a witness of what we are now, to have something to share with those who follow us and to fuel our search for new venues. “You Are Next ” is the first album, we are now writing new songs to complete the live-set and yet preparing the bricks that will built our second work.”


  1. I Get Bored
  2. Life Is A Gamble
  3. Leave Me Out
  4. Your Ego In Total Control
  5. You Still Suck
  6. You Belong To Me
  7. Scumbag In White
  8. I Hope You Die
  9. The Place I Return
  10. Some Kind Of Justice

Death Wishlist, the explosive quintet hailing from Tuscany, Italy, announces the forthcoming release of their debut album, “You Are Next.” Set to drop on April 19, the record promises a raucous fusion of ’77 punk-rock and high-octane rock ‘n roll, encapsulating the raw essence of their unapologetic individuality.

Formed at the dawn of 2023 in Viareggio (Tuscany), Death Wishlist emerged from the fervent passions of its members for punk-rock and the exhilaration of live gigs. Led by Cosimo Crott on vocals (ex Tornado / Turtleback), accompanied by Jacopo Giannetti on guitar (ex Peawees / Creepmouse), Leonardo Tomei on bass (ex Tornado / Id3alspleen), and Andrea Marchetti and Gianfilippo Mei on guitars and drums respectively, the band gears up to unleash their sonic onslaught upon the world.

Inspired by the rebellious spirit of bands like Backyard Babies, Hellacopters, and Sex Pistols, Death Wishlist’s lyrical narratives traverse personal anecdotes, societal critiques, and existential musings. “Lyrics deal with my personal experiences with people, with attacks to politicians and religion seen as psychosis,” recounts Cosimo.

Reflecting on the erratic times, Cosimo says, “The name Death Wishlist means ‘the list of the people I’d like to see dead,’ an idea born during the Covid-19 curfew.” Amidst it, this idea emerged as a defiant response to what he describes as “silly laws pretending to fight the contagion.” This evocative moniker serves as a visceral reminder of the band’s unyielding spirit and their commitment to confronting societal injustices through their music.

After writing songs and playing various concerts around Italy, they recorded the first album at their friend Niccolò Mazzantini’s esteemed “Orfan Recording” studio in Pisa. “All ten songs were recorded live in the studio, vocals excluded, then mixed on an analogic console, in just a week, to catch the rawness and the immediacy of the songs,” recalls Jacopo.

Starting with several guitar-lines, the band has been meticulously crafting each song, infusing them with the essence of true punk-rock. “Musically, we’re in the punk-rock lane, trying to add melodies while maintaining fast and aggressive,” elaborates Cosimo. Each of the ten tracks on “You Are Next” is an explosive blend of palpable energy and urgency, resulting in an untamed sound that captivates by their unconventional attitudes.

Death Wishlist would release their debut ‘You Are Next’ this April 19 via Area Pirata on CD and on tape from Spaccio Dischi. Pre-order the album here.