EP REVIEW: Moodring – Your Light Fades Away 

Florida/Atlanta three-piece Moodring has certainly been consistent with their output since they released showmetherealyou (UNFD) in 2021, with a number of singles and last years long-player Stargazer, gaining them some serious recognition. 



But ongoing health issues of singer/guitarist Hunter Young have put touring plans on hold for the time being, allowing for further time to be spent writing and creating new music, with this three track; Your Light Fades Away EP (UNFD) baring the resulting fruits of recent labour. 

Lyrically the EP comes across as being pretty dark in places; “Your weak wrist twist and scream for my shattered frame, Chew your tongue red and reeling, cause you feel the pain,” which comes as no surprise given the headspace Young is no doubt in, and musically the songs are expansive, ridiculously well crafted and wholly unique. 



‘SHI=DEATH’ opens with Young’s powerful clean vocals, before the atmospherics drop into a crushing down-tuned mania. The production is crystal clear and there is a real medley of styles throughout, ranging from RnB with DnB electronics in the verse, to short sharp blasts of deathcore! 

‘BLACK_WAVE’ continues with heavy crunching down-tuned riffs with Chino Moreno – esq vocals in places, a real groove invoking a kind of Korn style in its heavier parts, and some subtly used screams acting as a juxtaposition to the clean vocal style, which will no doubt appeal to fans of Sleep Token and the like. 

‘WOULDYOUWAITFORME?’ has an intro of lo-fi synths and a simple electronic down-beat, which eventually drops into a juddering riff. There is a strong uplifting feel to the chorus with the soaring vocals of Young dominating proceedings, in a song that has a little bit of everything once again, from metalcore to r n’b and pop, to nu-metal with a distinct Linkin Park vibe. 

There is without a doubt the potential for huge crossover appeal with Moodring’s mainly accessible vocal style, but they mix it up with enough heavy stuff to provide interest for the Metal purists, and they like to throw in a little hectic, Code Orange-type stuff for good measure. 


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8 / 10