CONCERT REVIEW: Mammoth WVH – Dirty Honey at Big Night Live

The Young Guns Tour made a much-anticipated stop at Big Night Live in Boston Massachusetts featuring Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey. The two up-and-coming rock bands treated the crowd to blistering sets of no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll. Each band is out on the road supporting their debut albums that were released in 2021. 

Dirty Honey was up first to open the night with the song “Gypsy “followed by “Break You”. Singer Marc Lebelle acknowledged the Boston crowd and the band broke into “Last Child” by Aerosmith. They closed their set out with the band’s biggest songs “Rolling 7s” and “When I’m Gone”.  

Mammoth WVH closed out the night with a killer set of tunes from the debut album that was released last year. They opened with the songs “Mammoth “followed by “Mr. Ed.” The crowd were really into the show, and sang loudly along to their #1 hit single and tribute to Wolfgang Van Halen’s father and inspiration, Eddie Van Halen, “Distance.” Then he dedicated a cover of the Foo Fighters song “My Hero” to recently departed drummer Taylor Hawkins.


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