CONCERT REVIEW: Imagine Dragons – AJR Live at The Olympic Complex Athens

It was a week where Greece was hit by an unusual tropical storm (Daniel) that made its way to Athens at the same time the concert was to take place. There was notice after notice that the production company was watching the weather report, and people even received notices that the weather would clear up by show time on September 6th. But it did not. It poured the entire evening and the show had to stop a few times due to the severe weather warnings for fans would have to shelter at the adjacent basketball court. But needless to say, those who come, and braved the weather and experienced something nothing short of a magical performance. Most fans came prepared with umbrellas and ponchos, embraced the muddy grounds, and gleefully sang along the entire set.


Opening up the show was AJR, who have songs very familiar on and as TikTok hits, such as “The Good Part,” “Bang” and “Weak.” The also covered “All Star” by Smash Mouth, in dedication to the recently passed singer. They closed their set with “Weak” brining out all the members as a marching band under the rain, making for a beautiful strong closing.


Between sets, a massive downpour with some thunder was occurring and fans were forced to evacuate to the basketball stadium next to the open air stadium. Thankfully it was short lived as the weather somewhat cleared up, and the band decided to perform under the circumstances. The rain had briefly stopped, but it continued as a medium drizzle as lots of camera capturing between the professionals and the fans caught singer Dan Reynolds under the droplets and lights, making for some great art.

The song list for Imagine Dragons was hit after hit, including “Believer,” “I’m So Sorry,” “Follow You,” “Enemy,” “Demons,” and closing the set with “Radioactive” and “Walking the Wire” while setting off fireworks lighting up the stadium.

So many fans from around the globe, of course Greece, Ukraine, and Italy were being represented at the show, as flags were raised high in the crowd. They all braved the weather, along with Imagine Dragons, who all risked catching colds, but proved it to be worth it.


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