CONCERT REVIEW: Hollywood Undead – Tech N9ne – King Iso Live at The Worcester Palladium


The Hollywood & N9ne Tour rolled into the Worcester Palladium to bring the party and the good times, and King Iso was along for the ride as well. Now this is a tour that’s been in the works for quite some time so let’s not waste any more time, and jump right in!


Opening the show is Strange Music’s own mental health advocate and wordsmith, King Iso. Coming to the stage in a cloak of red lights and fog, King Iso carries with him a cadence that can only be experienced first hand. Me simply describing it doesn’t do it justice. High energy, insane rhyme schemes, and an overwhelming sense of family. King Iso is a massive advocate of mental health awareness and mental health care. Proved positive by the mantra of You are valid, you are strong, you are here for a reason, we are all here with you to get thru our darkest times together”.With a quick set of old and new Iso ran thru hits and deep cuts and even decided to spread the love by jumping atop the barricade for the final song. Closing out his set with “I love y’all. After this Imma be out there with y’all. I got love and free hugs for everyone, let’s party”. Much respect Iso, much respect.

Tech N9ne was up next and this is the first time I’ve seen Tech live and he wasn’t headlining, but this entire tour is a co-headline tour so he and Hollywood Undead are trading off closing slots each night. Tech had the closing spot the night prior in New York at the legendary Terminal 5 which also happened to be Mr. Yate’s 53rd birthday! Now onto the set! Appearing on stage in a more relaxed manner than typical Tech N9ne fashion, he immediately fires into what I can only describe as a whirlwind of a set. Everything from his entire discography was performed. Two hours of music, laughs, rap anthems, crowd surfing, and dizzying word play. This was also the very first time I have ever seen. Mr. Yates perform with a full live band, backing him as opposed to a DJ. Toying with the audience with “I don’t even know what else to do for y’all. I’ve done everything” at which point he’s at the barricade taking requests on what to perform. Always the class act, Tech is. 


Now for the main event. A band I’ve never had the chance to see live before and a band I’ve been listening to for 15 years, ladies and mentlegen of the jury… Hollywood Undead! Ever the self aware sarcastic bunch of dude that they are, the band had they latest album Hotel Kalifornia (BMG) advertised as a hitchhiking song on a cardboard box hanging off the side of the stage. Truthfully, I was a bit confused on which member was which as the last time I saw video of Hollywood Undead perform they all were still underneath the mask moniker that the band had established themselves with back when Swan Songs (A&M Octane) came out in 2008. Going purely off of the voice of each one of the members on stage I was able to discern Johnny 3 Tears, Funnyman, Charlie Scene, Danny, and J-Dog. Once my brain figured out who was who, it was a Goodman party! Playing a few new songs, a lot of old songs, and even did a handful of covers including “Du Hast” by Rammstien. I heard the songs I grew up listening to, my elder emo heart was so happy. Seeing “Coming In Hot”, “Everywhere I Go”, “Bullet”, and “Here Me Now” performed live was something I didn’t think I’d get to see. Closing with their calling card song “Undead”, the Palladium erupted and cleared out as quickly as it filled as the show was completely sold out. 


The tour is closing out this week, and I believe it’s sold out the rest of the way thru. So if you’re going, have a blast. And if you’re not, get tickets for the next time Tech or Hollywood Undead come to your town. 

“Everywhere I Go, bitches always know, that Hollywood Undead, Tech N9ne, and King Iso put on an awesome show… bitch!”

Until next time, y’all.

Smallz… signing off