CONCERT REVIEW: Go Ahead And Die – BodyBox – Second Shooter – Headhunt AZ – 928 Slam Crew Live At The Rock

It was a good night to visit The Rock (Tucson Arizona), a small but historic venue that possesses a sharp yet rough edge vibe that fits with an evening of brutal metal music.
I sat to one side of the stage behind a chain link fence to enjoy my adult beverage.

The first band, 928 Slam Crew was local and felt like they rolled in fresh from the garage and full of blistering angst. Though not the most technical performance I’ve seen, they certainly seemed enthusiastic to be opening a show for Max Cavelera. I always enjoy seeing people forming the pit who are clearly friends of the local bands and are ready to fucking destroy the earth in support of their buddies. It’s a vibe you don’t always get from a headliner.

Up next, Headhunt AZ was also local but brought that shredding technicality that I was craving. I was impressed with the frontman tearing through riffs and roaring his lyrics over the whole structured mess.

The third band to tear it up was Second Shooter out of California. Their lead singer was brutal and honestly looked like she was possessed with demons. Just the kind of thing you like to see in a metal singer. The rest of the band kicked ass with great tone and creatively formulated riffs. The drummer was great and fun to watch twirling his sticks and playing like a cyborg alien drum machine.

BodyBox was up next. Very energetic and not afraid to promote a party atmosphere. They did a great job of getting everyone ready for the main act. I made my way down to the floor.

Finally, The Cavaleras roll out. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew it would be good but I wasn’t prepared to be blown away. Max and his son Iggor shared the load of vocals and lead guitar and killed it. The bass and drums were tightly locked and solid. Their sound has a desperate electrifying blighted edge that cuts through everything. Their riffs often ride on single strings with overwhelming gain that is reminiscent of classic Cavalera projects. My favorite moment was during the encore when Max and his son started jumping together during a particularly pounding breakdown. I have sons of my own and it would be any fathers dream to share something like this with their sons. I am sure Max is immensely proud to see his sons carry on his metal dynasty into the future and we are all very lucky to experience it. If you get a chance to see Go Ahead and Die go ahead and do it.

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