Comedian Jim Norton Features Black Sabbath In His New Netflix Special

Comedian Jim Norton, a well-noted rock and metal lifer opened and closed his hysterical new Netflix special, A Mouthful of Shame, with the classic Black Sabbath track ‘Wicked World’.

Norton is a noted lifelong rock and metal fanatic and is the co-host of the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts show on Sirius XM Radio. After rising to prominence on the Opie and Anthony Show on radio and SiriusXM Radio and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn on Comedy Central, Norton has made countless musical references in his career. He closed his 2007 HBO Special Monster Rain exclaiming “God Bless Black Sabbath!”, worked with late Motörhead legend Lemmy Kilmister, was a guest on VH1’s That Metal Show, mentioned his many encounters with music legends, and his memorabilia collection in his 2009 book Happy Endings: The Tales of a Meaty-Breasted Zilch and has his own playlist segment on Ozzy’s Boneyard channel on SiriusXM. Norton has also appeared in many other television shows and movies such as Spider Man (2002), Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Lucky Louie on FX with Louis C.K.