Clone Drop Their Single “Redeemer” with New Album Coming Soon

Brooklyn post-punk outfit, Clone, have just shared their new single, “Redeemer.” The track, discussing the “cult” of personality surrounding politics and celebrities, is the third taste of their upcoming debut album, CL. 1. The full-length will be released on Salt Sea Strain Edition black and white mix vinyl and digitally via Portland-based Little Cloud Records and North Carolina’s 5BC Records on June 21. Check out the new track and more below.

Pre-order CL. 1 here:

“Redeemer” is about convincing yourself that betrayal can be used a form of trust. Religious groups always need a scapegoat, who has failed them, to rely on to strengthen beliefs within their core,” says frontman LG Galleon. “Like the smiling face on your television, it only takes a viral face to dictate policy to the people. Whether it’s Donald Trump paying homage to Hannibal Lecture or Eric Adams telling immigrants to become lifeguards because he thinks they’re good swimmers. Even the lowest level of intelligence can enthrall and convince the public with ridiculous statements.

As a debut album, CL.1 is a damn auspicious opening volley, recorded and mixed by NYC legendary producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Brian Eno, John Zorn, Herbie Hancock, Iggy Pop, Helmet, Dresden Dolls, Cop Shoot Cop) at his famed BC Studio, built by Brian Eno. Produced by LG Galleon and Bisi, it was mastered by Fred Kevorkian.

CL. 1 tracklisting:
01 Room of Tears
02 Immutable
03 Dazzler
04 Dividing Line
05 Still Life
06 Salt Sea Strain
07 Redeemer
08 Insides
09 Triage
10 Resurrection

Following previous singles, “Immutable” and “Dividing Line” (which came with a multi-media video created by Preston Spurlock), “Redeemer” is a call to arms to see through the charade and puncture such phenomena as hero worship, hype and propaganda (and to get back to what is real). It is out now, available exclusively through Bandcamp, while the previous two singles are also available on Apple Music, Spotify and elsewhere online.

Live shows:
August 24th HUDSON, NY – Porchfest
August 25th BROOKLYN, NY – Mama Tried (with Live Skull)

More from Clone:
Clone is led by LG Galleon, best known as frontman of Dead Leaf Echo. On this album, he is joined by NYC musicians Gregg Giufree (Pilot to Gunner), Max Idas and Dominick Turi. Live, he is joined by Paul Liziragga (Namesake) and Alex Cox (The Veldt). Clone started playing shows in summer of 2019, building their fanbase organically, brick by brick, word of their incendiary live shows spreading. Each time they play, more are won over.

Operating in what’s rapidly becoming an antiquated model, they’re a unit of parts. Egalitarian in their writing process, one where songs are built upon inchoate sparks offered freely by any member, letting the jams run free in their rehearsal space until there’s a complete song, guided by the alchemy of intuition. There’s no rule book here, and no one defining member, but there is a palpable chemistry.

Clone’s music is evocative, in ethos and ambition, of a time when music still could change lives. Their lyrics involve the struggles and critiques of the working person’s daily life. Rooted in belief in its galvanizing, redemptive power, the kind which used to be written for the lonely and the scarred and the diffident (before something truly was lost), something deeply enmeshed within the human psyche that could be shared. Clone are fitfully reclaiming this, which at its crux, is the imagination of youth. It’s captured vividly here, and their private universe of sonic exploration is now open to all.

LG Galleon – Guitar, vocals, keys
Gregg Giufree – Drums
Max Idas – Bass
Dominic Turi – Guitar, keys