Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory and Shai Hulud is Battling a Rare Form of Cancer

In a post to his Instagram account, New Found Glory and Shai Hulud guitaris Chad Gilbert has announced that his is battling cancer and had a tumor on his adrenal gland that almost killed him. In a day by day account of his ordeal to date, Chad detailed how his wife found him unresponsive in bed, performed CPR on him and called 911. He nearly died as a result of the tumor. He has spent the last fourteen days in the hospital having surgeries and getting the cancer removed, the result of a rare tumor called a pheochromocytoma, the was malignant, which is uncommon. He has has surgery and further tests, and might need more treatment in the future, nut is currently back home resting. From the sound of his post he is optimistic from a recovery and we are wishing the best for Chad! Get well soon buddy.