Blind Guardian, In Extremo, Skálmöld, Kataklysm, Insomnium, Suffocation, Halocene, and Suicidal Angels Booked for Basinfire Fest

Basinfirefest has announced the first eight bands of its eighteenth edition. Blind Guardian, In Extremo, Skálmöld, Kataklysm, Insomnium, Suffocation, Halocene, and Suicidal Angels all appear at the festival, June 27th – 29th 2024, near the town of Spálené Poříčí in the Czech Republic. Read more from the event about these additions below.


Blind Guardian, the metal minnesingers mixing fantasy narratives with metal music under the leadership of Hansi Kürsch, are one of the most key power metal bands and will bring their epic stories with complex musical compositions to Spálené Poříčí, thus delighting all fans of this (not only musical) genre.


These metal legends have told stories from twelve full-length albums in their nearly thirty-five-year career. The latest one, The God Machine, was released in 2022 and shows how to awaken the fury of youth to a new magical life, and Blind Guardian are more in touch with the ghosts of their own past than ever on this album.


The epic line-up will also be continued by successful medieval bards In Extremo, who boast a range of musical achievements over a quarter of a century. Their last album, Quid pro Quo, was released in 2016. But now the unstoppable crew have released the catchy single “Weckt die Toten” and are enticing fans with photos from the studio after a long wait.


The masters of Viking metal Skálmöld will take you into the heart of the Nordic sagas with their unceasing fusion of thunderous riffs, mythical stories that transcend the boundaries of time and space. After five long years, the Icelandic six-piece presents the new album Ýdalir. Their intricate compositions pay homage to ancient heroic sagas and transport the listener to a world of epic battles, majestic landscapes and unyielding bravery – and the new record is no exception. It pays homage to such gems of Norse mythology as the poem Grímnismál.


Kataklysm, a Canadian death metal band founded in 1991, has established itself as a relentless force in the extreme metal scene. Led by vocalist Maurizio Iacono, the band has a career spanning over thirty years and consistently delivers riveting and uncompromising death metal. Their technical prowess is backed up by this year’s release of Goliath, which mixes furious riffs with Iacono’s signature growl and a full charge of aggression that is no match for anything.


The melodic death metal lineage is continued not only by Insomnium with their intimate, melancholic and dark passages, unmistakable sound and concept albums, but also by death metal legends Suffocation with their new album Hymns from the Apocrypha full of celestial envy, the destruction of mankind and divine beings deceiving mankind.


For all lovers of a modern approach (not only) to rock music, Halocene will play – these rock virtuosos, known especially for their fan-oriented work and strong social media presence, promise an energetic and charismatic show.


Athens’ Suicidal Angels will provide a fresh dose of thrash with their seven studio albums – the eighth is currently on the way and beckons with the newly released single “When The Lions Die”.


Current line-up:

Blind Guardian

In Extremo






Suicidal Angels


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