Allegaeon Drop New “Inhumation” Single and Video as Ezra Haynes Permanently Returns

Colorado-based Allegaeon have released a new single and video in “Inhumation”. This one of two song recorded since the return of original vocalist, Ezra Haynes, and a resigning with Metal Blade Records. The single and its partner, “Iridescent”, were created with longtime producer Dave Otero. Check out the “Inhumation” video below.


Both of the songs are really aggressive, far more than anything I’ve done with the boys,” says Haynes. “Since my departure in 2015, Allegaeon had grown so much musically as well as introduced a more “personal” style of lyrics to the fold. This was a very, very cool change to me.”


Ezra had this to say of “Inhumation”

We wanted to do a callback to the first album when we signed to Metal Blade, 2010’s Fragments of Form and Function. For the second song on that, “The Renewal,” I built a layered vocal section that I thought was really neat then. I wanted to somehow incorporate something similar, but bigger and evolved, into “Inhumation,” considering the song is so damn massive. It’s without a doubt the most aggressive thing I’ve ever written. Also, now that Allegaeon is a group with three gents on vocals, I wanted to take advantage of that as well as showcase Michael’s insane vocal talent.”


The killer new tracks are precursors of what’s to come when the band enters the studio in 2024 to record its seventh album for Metal Blade. The two new stand-alone singles act as a bridge in Allegaeon’s musical history. “Inhumation” has more of a Damnum vibe, whereas “Iridescent” is more reminiscent of Elements Of The Infinite.  Musically, both songs were written with an overwhelming sense of anger; Inhumation in soundscape form, and Iridescent in a pure, frantic guitar-driven form.


Creative freedom is key in both Allegaeon’s new songs and revitalized lineup. “During my previous career in music I was always mildly satisfied due to death metal just being aggressive in nature,” Haynes reflects. “Having the ability to really spread my wings in the “introspective” sense really garnered Allegaeon my full buy-in.”


Producer Otero has worked with the band for 15 years, and guitarist Greg Burgess explains that “Dave always provides a comfortable working environment, amazing ideas, and a career-spanning understanding of what has made Allegaeon, Allegaeon.”


And there’s another secret weapon: it’s not only Haynes’ stellar vocals on the songs: Guitarist Michael Stancel’s vocal talents make a shining recorded debut on both the chorus and bridge of “Inhumation”.


It feels like Allegaeon is becoming the band we were always meant to be,” concludes bassist Brandon Michael. “The chemistry is incredible. Overall, we’re in a very good creative space together.”


Allegaeon is:

Greg Burgess – lead guitar

Michael Stancel – lead guitar

Ezra Haynes – vocals

Jeff Saltzman – drums

Brandon Michael – bass



2010     Fragments of Form and Function            

2012     Formshifter       

2014     Elements of the Infinite 

2016     Proponent for Sentience            

2019     Apoptosis          

2022     Damnum



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