In the world of heavy music, there needs to be some degree of weird, strange, maybe even taboo. Without this, all we have is anger and aggression with little bursts of sadness. This need is currently being filled by that of Pennsylvania’s own duo dissonant black/death metal group, Veilburner. These two have been dropping full-length releases consistently since 2014 (first I am hearing of it, color me interested) but now the sixth record has disturbed the planet in the form of VLBRNR (Transcending Obscurity). Sometimes the most comforting music, given the right environment and levels of vulnerability, is actually the most uncomfortable music.

VLBRNR starts off with the appropriately named, ‘VI (Vulgar Incantations)’. The intro guitar riff here really gives you a sample of the strange factor that is found throughout the record. Of course there are traditional death and black metal influences throughout the track as well such as the groovy section at the three-minute mark. ‘Interim Oblivion’ has a more mysterious feel than strange and it really stood out to me after the second or third time through the record. I can only explain that this song paints a picture as if the listener is held in some Hellish prison similar to the game Scorn and being guarded by a legionnaire of Satan himself.

I will come right out and say it, without a lick of insult toward Veilburner, ‘Repulsed by the Light’ intro riff is something Abbath/Immortal could have written, and I love it! On top of that, I feel there is more atmosphere and really black metal in general on this song more than the rest of the album.


The different faces of Veilburner really come to light as you listen further into the record. VLBRNR has something to offer most fans of heavy music from one track to the next, just tied together by uncomfortability. Like I said before, uncomfortability can be comforting to some. Those with the same type of music tastes are going to fall in love with this album.


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7 / 10