ALBUM REVIEW: Veil Of Maya – Mother


Brief storytime. Back in the mid-2010s, the WWE was hellbent on crowning star Roman Reigns as the next big thing. As soon as fans caught on to this shove-it-down-your-throat approach, they balked, and booed Reigns out the building every chance they got. It took years for the majority to embrace Roman finally. And maybe that path is prophetic when it comes to Veil Of Maya’s newest record, Mother (Sumerian Records).

The band might be an unfair scapegoat: they’ve been in the metal conversation for many years now since debuting in 2006. But this latest release relies too heavily on generic breakdowns and random noises which reminds you of an annoying fly that follows you and only you.


The artwork wants to express some sort of “synthcore” ethos, and the erratic hip-hop elements stunt the good parts of Mother – when Lukas Magyar is at their finest harsh self.


In fact, ‘Artificial Dose,’ ‘[re]connect’ and ‘Lost Creator’ especially pack a knockout blow. However, the latter can only maintain that aggression for 56 seconds. ‘Mother Pt. 4’ falls into the same pit. And besides, why part four? And where are the other three? ‘Godhead’ concludes with some serious deathcore prowess. Yet ‘Red Fur’ is bogged down by glitchy computer shit which, if it not by now overused, is surely never a game changer.


‘Disco Kill Party’ is curiously arranged.


And what is ‘Synthwave Vegan’? Is it meant to be anti-synthwave bias? Is it meant to connote a purist? Either way, Veil Of Maya empty the tank but only for the sake of it, and the record overall is saturated and bland.


To bring it all home, just as allowing Cody Rhodes to leave the crowd happy after Wrestlemania felt like a no-brainer easy win by WWE, Mother was ripe as a behemoth to drive a wedge into end-of-the-year lists. Instead, it is as quizzical as some of the decision making and execution is unconvincing.


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6 / 10