ALBUM REVIEW: To The Grave – Director’s Cuts


Following 2019’s Global Warning debut, Deathcore visionaries To The Grave continue their activist-minded foray with Director’s Cuts (Unique Leader Records), a forty-four-minute escapade that builds on the band’s mission to “expose a societal and environmental hell on earth,” per the press release.


Particularly, animal cruelty is always going to be a hot-button topic, and extreme music will thus always have a well from which to work. The eleven tracks feature blustery screams and ferocious wails from Dane Evans, Luke Ringin, Matt Clarke, and Simon O’Malley, reinforcing the band’s united commitment to the cause.


And of course, the rhythm section here is monstrous and emphatic. O’Malley finds time between his vocal contributions to decimate and pummel his drum kit, be it blasts or rapid kick pedaling. Additionally, the tandem of Ringin and Jack Simioni pepper the record with dynamic riffs while Simioni further contributes programming, a sort of dystopian haze that perpetually lingers and peruses.


‘Axe Of Kindness’ is more than a cheeky play on words; the track integrates effective atmospherics alongside blistering screeches and forceful guitar sweeps. Semi-clean vocals collide with pompous percussion for a balanced assault. ‘Manhunt’ serves as a deluge of diabolic detestation and further emboldens Director’s Cuts’ sound – fits of deathcore rage and disorientating programming which comes together as a no-nonsense behemoth.



The four-headed vocal monster allows To The Grave to pick and choose when and where to incorporate the members’ strong points. Thus, the resulting songs are both on-brand and distinguished by their versatility. And the propensity to dole out intensity with starts and stops keeps the listener guessing, or rather, anticipating.


Director’s Cuts plays the part of that pesky friend that won’t shut up about what’s wrong in the world or in society. But have you taken a look around lately? To The Grave’s voices need to be heard, and lucky for us, it’s almost impossible to ignore.


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7 / 10