ALBUM REVIEW: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – No Name Graves

Delving into No Name Graves (Unique Leader), a constant quickly becomes evident.

The majority of the songs on the latest effort from Deathcore outfit The Last Ten Seconds Of Life feels introductory. Which is to say the tracks routinely edge listeners by delivering about seventy percent but never really breaks the surface.

It’s akin to a car with a faulty battery. When you put the key in the ignition and turn it, the engine sputters and teases but never actually turns.

There is obvious talent here, obvious vision, and obvious aggression (a prerequisite for the genre.) Not to mention the band’s been around for almost fifteen years, though there has been a fair share of member turnover.

“Body Of A Bastard” might be the most notable song of them all. A cozy mix of kick pedals and slower, softer parts make for a well-structured song overall.

However, the final product is kind of just…what it is. Reinventing the wheel this surely does not.

The vocals seesaw from maniacal harshes to sturdy and decipherable lines. There is also some groove as well as strong songwriting (“A final toast to your damnation forever.”)

“Feel My Fangs In You” deals with controlling someone else at a cellular level, an enticing and surely “metal” concept to say the least.

Yet the energy seems to either peter out before its climax or fails to reach the next level entirely.

The title track sees bass pedal kicks reminiscent of the pitter-pattering of bullets hitting the ground. “Letania Infernalis” works effectively as a breakdown but with vocals confidently looming over.

So for a Deathcore record, No Name Graves is heavy, abrasive and formidable.

Unfortunately, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life appear to be gun shy when it comes to testing their musical capabilities or taking a risk for something innovative.

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7 / 10