ALBUM REVIEW: The Arcane Order – Distortions From Cosmogony


Blending dark cinematics with frightfully forceful instrumentations, The Arcane Order effectively combine the two for their explosive full-length Distortions From Cosmogony (Black Lion Records).


The grandiose danger is emphatic and at the forefront on “Starvations For Elysium” which incorporates symphonic and gothic tones in a way that isn’t overbearing or haphazard.

In fact, the fourth installment in the Danish quintet’s discography is also prudent to the current climate involving artificial intelligence and the constant struggle of mankind to either accept the (seemingly) inevitable or to challenge these machines and technologies which very well could turn the tide of humanity.


Furthermore, Kim Song Sternkopf (Møl) displays a vocal versatility that is gruff, shrieky, and bold, owing to the seriousness of the subject matter to the man behind the mic. Sternkopf, having grown up in an oppressive religious sect, knows firsthand what that dynamic can do to a society and also how and why humans tend to be bound to hierarchies, whether accidentally or subconsciously.


Exemplified on “A Blinding Trust In Chosen Kings”, Sternkopf’s deafening, feral and hostile growls evoke a want to be self-sufficient and free-spirited, a need to break loose from the chains of whatever dastardly tyrant tries to muscle their way to unchallenged total power.



Distortions… is the first record which includes the revamped line-up, rounded out by guitarists Flemming C Lund and Kasper Kirkegaard (Hatesphere), drummer Bastian Thusgaard (Soilwork) and Anders Frodo S. Mikkelsen on bass. The wealth of experience further strengthens the weight of the album’s message and themes. Thusgaard’s unwavering, ballistic drumming contributes to the already-established sense of urgency.


As mentioned before, the cinematic elements throughout are faint but in a way glorious. The nearly hour-long opus manages to introduce atmospherics which tickle fans of electronics and percussion while maintaining a constant sense of rage and tenacity.


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7 / 10