ALBUM REVIEW: Stormland – The Human Cost

is a one-man Death Metal project that bills itself as “Gundam Metal.” I’m not as hip to Gundam as I am to Transformers, but I love the approach. What’s more metal than giant fucking fighting robots? 

I’m always impressed by the musicianship put into solo projects. Midnight and Toxic Holocaust are incredible solo projects where it’s hard to believe at times a single person played ever instrument on the album. The same goes for Stormland. I would not have guessed that this was a solo project if I wasn’t told so beforehand. 


Gundam Metal mastermind Justin Pierrot started Stormland back in 2003 and has been perfecting his craft ever since. In his latest release, The Human Cost (self-released), Pierrot continues to tell tales of giant fighting mech suits, war, and its effects on people. 


The vocals are brutal and perfectly match the tone of the album. Pierrot also showcases some incredible thick and murky guitar riffs and plenty of technical flair to keep your ears busy. Songs often jump between chugging guitars to catchy melodic riffs. Closing track, ‘Beyond Gravity, Outside time’ is a great example of the album’s complexity, yet easy listenability. The instrumental starts off rather somber before heading into some groovy and technical filled riffs. 


Pierott did enlist a little help on The Human Cost. Leda Paige (The Hallowed Catharsis) and Ross Sewage (Exhumed) added some extra vocal flair to the tracks, ‘Test Subject’ and ‘Rebuilt For Your Whims’. Sewage’s deep and inhuman gutturals paired with Pierott’s already fierce delivery make ‘Rebuilt For Your Whims’ an intense banger.


Justin Pierott is a monster. The talent and dedication he puts into Stormland is truly impressive and is probably only matched with his ability to put together those frustrating Gundam kits.


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7 / 10








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