ALBUM REVIEW: Spill Your Guts – The Wrath It Takes

The new offering from Spill Your Guts, The Wrath It Takes (Trepanation Records) is quite the ass-kicker. I like their hardcore, in-your-face approach, blending many different genres and the band has a steel grip on their style. Yet, you get this crazy feel that the train could come off the tracks at any moment. Their no let-up vibe drives the groove and keeps this pissed off attitude going through out.

I dig the tones as well with raunchy guitar tones and a driving beat mixed with speed and style. Full out jamming at times mixed with pick-melting riffs. It is a fun ride to say the least. The vocals just scream angst and anger – I was left wondering how is he going to keep that intensity up on the road!


Each track has a definite line of attack to it. These guys are another band that kind of takes me back – there is a lot going on there, style wise, and you can hear their influences shining through while maintaining their own blackened punk identity.

I look forward to seeing these guys stake their claim in the world of metal. They are fun and intense all at the same time which, if you’re like me, is an awesome combination.


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8 / 10