Satan Takes a Holiday – A New Sensation

If you haven’t heard of Satan Takes a Holiday, (STAH) you need to do yourself a favor. These Swedes have been around since 2006 and have released four albums—adding much-needed spunk and life to the sometimes dull Rock n’ Roll. Their fifth full-length, A New Sensation (Despotz Records) doesn’t hold back and it presents you with the most fun you will have this year.

Kicking it off with the title track, there’s an instant groove to the grunge driven track. With easy-going, catchy lyrics, it’s an instant hook. Transitioning into the similar beat in ‘Unicorn’ you will find yourself dancing through the majestic chorus. As a lead singer Fred Burman sings be “real good to me”, this track is more than great for you with its fun guitars and the unexpected trumpet.

The third track ‘Set Me On Fire’ comes blazing in with a heavy beat as ‘Hell Is Here’ featuring Tess De La Cour (Indie Swedish singer) adds a fun, dance track that will have you singing along and jumping around. There’s so much energy present on this track that it makes it the most favorable thus far.

Decreasing the hype in the fifth track ‘Sessions and Cash’ and the rhythmic ‘Pilot’ is sonically like the tracks prior—catchy choruses and vibrant beat. But the record picks up speed in ‘Girls.’ The two-minute track will have your heartbeat racing. The guitar transitions and how it intertwines with the drums is a keen rollercoaster of enjoyment. By now, you need to experience these songs live.

With only three tracks remaining, ‘I Believe What I See (If I See In My Feed)’ sustains the same energy found throughout. It slows down a bit with the appropriately named ‘Kingslayer.’ A longer track than the others, it starts off a bit mysterious and dark and maintains a gloomy, atmospheric vibe until the cymbals clash at the end. Ending on a high note with ‘Blow’ STAH are kings of this rock and roll show.

A New Sensation is addictive—one spin won’t be enough to take in all tracks. Most songs are a favorite and you will have them on repeat. Take a holiday with this trio because this record will have you shaking your butt until the end of time.

9 / 10