ALBUM REVIEW: Mother Mother – Grief Chapter

Nothing grounds human existence quite as quickly as death, especially when it hits close to home. The feeling of untouchable invincibility is suddenly replaced with mixed emotions of shock, mortality, fear, regret, and grief.

As no strangers to discussing and confronting the tougher sides of human emotion, Canadian indie rockers Mother Mother fearlessly lift the veil to stare straight back into the void with their sixth full-length album, Grief Chapter (Warner Music Group).

Their fever dream-esque music style that effortlessly blends genres, sometimes multiple within a song, sits cozily alongside contemporary multi-vocalist experimental groups like Pepe Deluxé and The Dirty Projectors.

With the vocal talents of sibling members Ryan (lead vocals, guitar) and Molly Guldemond (keyboards, vocals), they dabble with album-wide dual vocalizations and switch-ups; songs are peppered with eerily juxtaposed backing vocals or have a complete tonal shift with Molly briefly taking the frontman reins from Ryan.
Contrary to the title, the album doesn’t wallow or sit in mourning– it’s largely the opposite. At times, it is jauntily macabre, markedly with album opener “Nobody Escapes”, which leaves nothing to the imagination regarding the song’s ominous message. However, “The Matrix” is as rebellious as they come, urging the listener to step out of their own shadow and the daily malaise to find the spark to ignite their life’s fire.

Grief Chapter loudly proclaims, in the grand scheme of things, everything existing and breathing doesn’t stay that way for long, so go make the most of life and seize the moment. Mother Mother urges us to find our own ways to thrive in a mad, mad world.

Normal isn’t normal, pain is the price of love and humanity, beauty and dieting won’t save you from the inevitable, and don’t get lost in the daily grind… choose to be alive and living.

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8 / 10