ALBUM REVIEW: Head Cleaner – The Extreme Sound Of Truth


For ten years, Head Cleaner stewed in the grindcore pot, leaving fans wondering what was in store next. The product of that decade of inactivity is an eleven-track, sub-twenty-five-minute onslaught that eloquently calls back to the origins of grindcore and the pioneers who paved the way for such an extreme sub-genre. 

And it’s no accident: the Greek freaks have been plying their trade for twenty years now, and man, is it a pleasure to experience their established take on what makes the scene so damn enticing.


As is the standard, The Extreme Sound Of Truth (Vinyl Store) is basically a machine powered by aggression and lubricated with ferocity. Now remember, this is grindcore, so anticipate a massive wall of bombastic utterings and caustic fiery deliveries. But there is still a time and place for headbanging and rabble-rousing.


“Cold Machines” and “Nothing But The Truth” in particular possess that aforementioned catchiness. “System Of Perversity” promotes headbanging as well, though even that act feels tame given the sheer magnitude of the music around it. 



Jim MitchE. mans the microphone with the grace and authority required for the job. His acidic venom rains devastation over the rhythm section, which is evidently up to the task. Billy S. is bristling, whipsaw-esque (“Call Me Uncivilized”) as a skinsman, and provides the foundation in which the rest of the band aims to demolish. As for the strings, Costas C. (guitar) and Lefteris K. (bass) combine for crusty riffing (“Bread And Circuses”), eerie twanging (“Among The Living Dead”), and demonic dronings (“Not Like All Of You” and “For Tomorrow’s Lesson”). 


What more do you need? Your head very likely isn’t actually cleaned after this, but you probably can’t formulate any coherent thoughts, either. So that’s a win in my book.


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8 / 10