ALBUM REVIEW: Dyssebeia – Garden Of Stillborn Idols


Talk about making a strong first impression! Swiss Progressive blackened Death Metal newcomers Dyssebeia’s debut, Garden Of Stillborn Idols (Transcending Obscurity Records), is a cornucopia of undeniably brilliant songwriting and delicate execution.

Meticulously devised, this record feels incredibly well thought out and is steeped in precision. The vocals are mint; the tempo never misses; and the expertise is palpable.


Alexandre Sotirov swiftly and superbly seesaws from acerbic harsh shouts (“Black Swarm”) to straight-up killer deliveries (“Apophenia.”) The ability to conjure the exact tone and technique needed for each specific song is uplifting to say the least.


There is groove on “Funeral Ink” and the gnarly rhythm on “Black Swarm” further emboldens the enjoyment. The latter progresses and touches on the full-circle appeal that – when done well – is utterly captivating (looking at you, Iron Maiden).


The strings are taken to the woodshed. Merlin Bogado is a damn wizard, using flashy riffs and silky smooth solos throughout proceedings.


Dyssebeia aren’t afraid to mix it up, either. On at least two occasions, songs do complete turnarounds at the drop of a hat. Likewise, “Moonbearer” is emphatically technical and hints at a more brutish propensity.


The obvious craftsmanship in which Garden Of Stillborn Idols was handled is clear as day. There is a constant freshness, even song to song. And the confidence Transcending Obscurity showed to sign a band that is a bit of a left turn from other rostermates says it all. In other words, great recognizes great.


This release is as exhilarating a debut as ever, and reveals new likable traits with every listen through. There is a catchiness that isn’t derivative. There is an attention to detail that isn’t snobby. There is a driving force which refuses to stop no matter what gets in its way.


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8 / 10