Dead Lord – In Ignorance We Trust

Formed in 2012 from the same country that gave us The Nobel Peace, ABBA, Opeth, Europe, Ikea and Volvo are Swedish rockers Dead Lord. This hairy, denim and leather clad quartet make music of a decidedly vintage flavour, awash with 1970s classic rock influences like Thin Lizzy and AC/DC. Their third album In Ignorance We Trust – on the otherwise heavy label Century Media Records – sees them continue down this path, sweet twin guitar melodies, catchy choruses and crunching riffs recorded in analogue in the sunny climes of Madrid.

As with other bands with a similarly retro outlook – Airbourne, The Temperance Movement and Rival Sons to name but a few – to counter the impending sense of déjà vu they have found a knack for sweet riffs and a cracking chorus. The majority of the record is made up of foot tapping radio ready rock, in the same vein as ‘Don’t Give a Damn’ from their previous album Heads Held High (Century Media Records). The vibrant duo ‘Too Late’ and ‘Reruns’ are of this mould, both sporting soaring choruses. ‘Kill Them All’ is a call to Thin Lizzy fans everywhere, with its slick twin guitar melodies and energetic, bouncy beat.

This being their third outing variety has raised its head. The forlorn ballad ‘Part of Me’ sees the volume turned down and their heart on placed firmly on their sleeve – it’s frequent bursts of harmonica amidst bluesy guitars reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen. ‘Leave Me Be’ with its 3/3 beat is a love lost blues ballad which is decent enough, if a bit bland. These slower numbers showing that these Swedes are at their best when things are riffy and rocking, as evinced by the mid-paced Black Sabbath like ‘Never Die’ – with a slow, doomy lick dominating the verses.

In Ignorance We Trust may not win any awards for originality but they blast away any sense of over-familiarity with lots of sweet guitar licks, crunching riffs and earwormy choruses done with pleasantly warm, analogue production values.