ALBUM REVIEW: Dawn Of Ouroboros – Velvet Incandescence


Since the release of their single and accompanying music video, the anticipatory excitement for Dawn Of Ourboros’ sophomore record has been palpable, to say the least. 

‘Velvet Moon’ kick-started the hunger for more and that more is the similarly-titled Velvet Incandescence (Prosthetic Records), a magnificent slab of blackened progressive metal which will be talked about for years to come.


The first whiff of this album’s excellence becomes apparent when Chelsea Murphy establishes a biting presence behind the mic. Her vocals cut, amplify and enthrall. There are hints of her clean singing as well, but Murphy’s harshes undoubtedly steer this ship. The savage nature interspersed with off-the-chart melodies and atmospherics is the cherry on top. That marriage is like the first time someone decided to mix whiskey with soda. 


The sub-three-and-a-half-minute opener ‘Castigation’ leaves listeners thirsty for more. The shorter runtime still possesses thunderous percussion, rumbling riffs, and adrenaline-fueled chaos that coalesces superbly.


The instrumentations only thrive more and more as the forty-six minutes elapse. Guitarists Tony Thomas (also synths) and Ian Baker (also piano) lay down billowing, doomy riffs. ‘Rise From Disillusion’ houses riveting rhythms, while ‘Testudines’ is pure fury. The blackened nature of this band, at least on this record, is more a nod to the vocal style than the string work, and it allows the duo to surgically outline illustrious compositions. 


What’s more, it’s the way the band works in tandem that strengthens the finished product. There are numerous examples of vocals shining brighter thanks to the devastatingly intoxicating rhythm section. To use a cliche, the pieces to this puzzle truly do fit perfectly and the synchronicity alone is yet another feather in the cap.


Velvet Incandescence is a testament to Dawn Of Ourboros’s hard work and veteran acumen. From the moment the first single dropped, the anticipation skyrocketed. And I’m thrilled to say the remaining seven songs are just as dynamic and remarkable as the first. 


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9 / 10