ALBUM REVIEW: Creeping Death – Boundless Domain


For a band named after one of ‘tallica’s finest songs from their early vintage period, you might be forgiven for thinking that Boundless Domain (MNRK Heavy) is a record full of modern Thrash Metal bangers … but you’d be wrong. Creeping Death purvey pure and unadulterated Death Metal, taking in all forms of the gory art with splashes of old-school, blackened, and doom thrown in the mixer. 


And, although they hail from Texas, they have a bread-and-butter sound undoubtedly created in homage to the finest Floridian bands from the classic late eighties / early nineties period, which will no doubt find appreciation from those who still enjoy a little Cannibal Corpse or Obituary with their morning coffee. 

Speaking of Cannibal Corpse, George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher himself provides guest vocals on the punishing ‘Intestinal Wrap’, and his inclusion shows just how highly regarded Creeping Death is in the scene just two records into their career, which has also seen them tour with a number of heavyweights including Carcass, High On Fire and The Acacia Strain


Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz adds a little further star power in his role as producer, and his experience behind the desk has brought out the very best in Creeping Death’s sound, on a selection of songs conceived during a period in which two heroes from the local Metal scene, Riley Gale (Power Trip) and Wade Allison (Iron Age), both sadly passed away causing the band to immerse themselves in the music of their Texan peers, and ultimately influence their writing process. 


Boundless Remain is Death Metal with attitude, but also Death Metal with soul. The opening title track is relentlessly heavy and features a catchy death/doom hook, laying the blueprint of the record from the off. 


This is Death Metal with a real groove, as shown again on ‘Vitrified Earth’ and ‘The Parthian Shot’, while ‘Cursed’ shows them at their most brutal with a short sharp blast of filth. ‘Looming’ has a chugging old-school riff, and an absolute stand out for me is provided by ‘Remnants of the Old Gods’, which fittingly starts with a simple yet effective Black Sabbath style riff, rolling into a real doomy offering, before eventually exploding into a chaotic blackened death metal frenzy. 


By Creeping Death’s own admission, they aim to be both “Heavy and Fun”, and the record certainly encapsulates that ethos with a real groove and bounce to their delivery, of an otherwise brutal repertoire of songs.


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7 / 10