ALBUM REVIEW:   Blackberry Smoke – You Hear Georgia

Southern Rock maestros Blackberry Smoke are back with their seventh album You Hear Georgia (3 Legged Records/Thirty Tiger). The Georgian septet are deep in their groove by now and as the title suggests this new record pays homage to their home state, with Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Europe) on production duties.  

This is a forty-minute reminder that Southern Rock, whilst cliched and hokey at times, is darn good when done right. ‘Live It Down’ is a lively example of this, with an inviting riff and a touch of funk midway that would go down a treat live. The penultimate song  ‘All Over the Road’ is a rollicking track with an irresistible lust for life and an unstoppable beat – just make sure you do not listen to it whilst driving as you will get a ticket. 


Some friends are brought along for the ride, notably, Warren Haynes in the dirty blues stomp of ‘All Rise Again’ complete with the appropriate levels of fretwork from the accomplished axeman. They stick steadfast to their sound, which will not win over the naysayers but provides sweet succour to the fans. The infectious barroom rock of ‘Hey Delilah’ with its lashings of honky-tonk piano and lyrics about an enchanting woman personifies “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  

Their love of country is as strong as ever, especially in the amusing and incredibly hokey twang of ‘Lonesome For A Livin’ with country artist Jamey Johnson joining frontman Charlie Starr on vocals. ‘Old Enough To Know’ is a folksy ballad that sees Starr in a ruminative mood, imparting pearls of wisdom like don’t trust a grown man with a nickname and that nothing worthwhile happens after 2 am.

Your Hear Georgia is an accomplished collection of energetic, country-infused Southern Rock that is as American as apple pie, baseball, and partisan politics.


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7 / 10