ALBUM REVIEW: Aodon – Portraits

There are certain facets of life and the world that are absolute. Until the inevitable apocalypse it is simply a given that the sun will rise and set, that the tides ebb and flow, and that, most importantly, Willowtip Records rarely miss.


Largely known for their forward-thinking Death Metal releases, they have been known for Black Metal on occasion and these are worth taking note of. The latest release from France’s Aodon is a case in point.

Centred around nine individuals (described as “fictitious or real”) represented individually on each track and detailing their story and downfall, Portraits is an unsurprisingly bleak and brooding entity. Largely ranging between fury-ridden, pacey moments through more melodic and contemplative passages, Portraits flows through such aspects of the psyche suitable well for its narrative.

The likes of the album opener ”Swen” and “Liza”, for example, begins with blistering intent and begins to adopt further melodicism and atmosphere throughout, whereas in comparison “Andreas” feels more expansive and akin to more shoegaze-influenced Black Metal territory.

There is the argument that such elements have been commonplace in the genre before, but the way they have been brought together so fluidly means this is still a very worthwhile effort with a sense of both precision and intrigue which makes this right at home on the label’s roster.

Portraits is an emotive and compelling release that is not to be slept upon.


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7 / 10