Amerakin Overdose- The Great Amerakin Dream


After a dark rendition of the United States of America ‘s national anthem as the albums intro, Amerakin Overdose kicks you in the teeth with a series of fast paced songs. If you are not strapped in yet, you might want to be, because this is the beginning a heavy ride.

The album uses a blend of groove metal rhythms and industrial synthesizers to create a unique yet familiar Nu-metal sound. Using strong political and emotional lyrics, heavy guitar riffs, groovy bass, explosive drums, and a melodic almost gothic like sound gets your head banging. The Great Amerakin Dream’s title-track begins to take you on your journey at track two. It wastes no time in busting out the heavy. Personally it is my favorite track on the album reminding me of a cross between Slipknot and Spineshank.


The first single ‘I Alone’ that dropped in mid September sits at track five of the album. It starts with a melodic opening giving the illusion of being one of the slower songs on the album, then quickly changes, filling you with the undeniable feeling of punching someone in the face before you even realize it. The intense drumming and in your face vocals will have you aching for a pit. Track nine ‘C.U.N.T.’ is a heavy song filled to the brim with anger. It says all the things you have wanted to say to that toxic person in your life using a catchy chorus. “Can’t understand, Nonsense toxic.” I can’t help but bellow these lyrics while driving around in my car.

Former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis, lent his talents on the second single ‘Letting Go’. The song slows the album down at track 11, it’s a melodic song with impressive and intelligent lyrics that leads you on a ride of strong technical drums and demonic vocals which causes this song to arrive at a heavy end.

Receiving production help from Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino, Machine Head), Amerakin Overdose have raised the bar in their career. I recommend this and will be listening to this again and again.