ALBUM REVIEW: Tool – Fear Inoculum

You are not really ready for the new Tool album.

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Now for the good stuff. We have spun the ‘Fear Inoculum’ single a ton now since the single dropped earlier in the month. It definitely came alive even more to our ears in the pre-release listening session. Sometimes a digital stream played in your headphones doesn’t really do justice to a track. Our initial feelings of this track being chosen as the title track and the lead track of the album were confirmed when heard with the entire context of the album. A gradual easing in, dipping the toes back into the cold, wet unknown. Many of the best elements of the album are found in this song including Danny Carey’s masterful percussion, deceptive vocals, great guitars, and percolating bass lines. All hallmarks of past great album opening tracks. The message it seems, and really for this entire album, is not that a storm is coming, but that it came and went, and you are what is left. Continue reading

Tool – Fear Inoculum (Single Review)

As far as most mainstream bands are concerned, Tool has likely never cared about writing or releasing singles, and wouldn’t at all if the entire conventional music industry says “you have to”. Nope. I supposed Tool wants to “be a tree” to paraphrase one of my favorite superhero flick soliloquies from a few years back. They want to challenge themselves. To change. To transform. Otherwise, why keep at it? Anything else is presumptuous. So as we examine this title track of their new album Fear Inoculum (RCA), let’s put it out on main street that this is the title track of an unreleased album, and it’s hard to judge this as a stand-alone piece of music without hearing the rest as it is probably intended. In terms of expectations, the track has nearly a million plays on YouTube alone in less than eight hours, so fans are hype and the curious are also digging it.  Continue reading