16 Imperial Share Their New Single and Video for “Red Alert”

New Jersey’s 16 Imperial recently unleashed their latest instrumental music video single, “Red Alert.” Led by the Greg Antine, the project’s lyric-less tracks weave tales through a fusion of music and visuals, delving into profound themes and societal reflections. Check out the new video in the article below.

Stream “Red Alert” here: https://on.soundcloud.com/6Z6Cu

Dive into the rebellious world of “Red Alert” where powerful “metalcore” riffs collide with thought-provoking visuals that challenge societal norms. Our exclusive promotion brings you closer to the heart of this groundbreaking song and video, crafted by the talented artist Greg Antine. As you explore the experiment conducted at the University of California, delving into the dynamics of power, wealth, and corruption, you’ll find yourself immersed in a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Embrace the message of equality and empowerment as you witness how the working class stands against the corporate elites in this captivating narrative. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the depth and symbolism of “Red Alert” – a true masterpiece that transcends music and art.” – Greg Antine.

Step into the mesmerizing world of 16 Imperial, where the realms of cinema and metal converge to create a unique genre known as “cinemacore.” Each music video is a masterpiece of symbolism, capturing a myriad of emotions and narratives in every frame. Immerse yourself in this cult classic obsession, where the boundaries of reality blur and imagination runs wild. Join us on a journey through dark and enigmatic landscapes, populated by characters that embody abstract concepts and haunting symbolism. Let 16 Imperial transport you to a realm where artistry knows no bounds and the nightmare unfolds in mesmerizing harmony.

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